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    Have You Been Too Intimidated To Ask A Dermatologist A Skincare Question? Here's Your Chance

    Got a question about moles, skin tags, acne, rashes, oily skin, hair loss, or anything else you've been too shy to ask? Now's your opportunity to ask a professional!

    Let's be real: Seeing a dermatologist can feel a little intimidating, especially if you're dealing with something that society has deemed "gross" or "unsightly." But the reality is that a LOT of people suffer from skincare issues. After all, no one is perfect! However, maybe you haven't worked up the nerve to ask your dermatologist a question that you've been curious about.

    Close-up portrait of young woman with facial mask winking at home

    Maybe you've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of acne but you're not sure what actually works for your skin type?

    Close up of acne on face

    Or maybe you're uncertain if you should get a mole checked out or if it's actually fine?

    Close up of mole on neck

    Or perhaps you're insecure about wrinkles or other "problematic" skincare areas and have no idea what to do to make them look less apparent?

    Close up of woman's eye with wrinkles underneath

    Do you have a question about something related to skincare that you've been too shy to ask? This is a safe space! Leave your question below, and it might be answered by a dermatologist in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.