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Why FarmVille is Better Than FrontierVille

Social media games have come a long way since Farmville debuted in June 2009. Hoping to capitalize on Farmville's success, Zynga recently released a new game called FrontierVille. Here's why FarmVille is still the best.

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  • Farmville has been around longer (1 year!)

  • This means that Farmville has had more time to work out its kinks, build a strong user base, create new challenges, and improve on an already popular game. Also, in honor of their one year anniversary, FarmVille released limited edition, fun birthday themed items (see above)!

  • FarmVille has a wider variety of buildings

  • FarmVille's buildings are also prettier than FrontierVille's.

  • FarmVille has hotter avatars

  • Farmville teaches you to rely on yourself while FrontierVille provides you with a family which you must struggle to provide for

  • You dont have to worry about grass and trees growing and ruining your beautiful landscaping plans, hay bale art, and obscuring your expensive decorations

  • More people play FarmVille (over 80 million users)


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  • FarmVille has hardcore dedicated fans, who spend thousands of real dollars on the game to level up and share the wealth with their friends...


  • Farmville has cool limited edition plants and items to celebrate holidays

  • FarmVille teaches you about animal breeding and genetics

  • It's educational!

  • Farmville has a partnership with 7/11 & is available for the iPhone

    Buying FarmVille items at 7-11 allows you to unlock limited edition items!

  • Putting anything on an iPhone makes it infinitely superior to its competitors.