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    The Definitive Ranking Of Blair Waldorf’s Headbands On "Gossip Girl"

    You miss Blair's iconic accessory more than you miss Vanessa. Admit it.

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Miss Blair Cornelia Waldorf -- and her headbands.

    24. The Parisian

    23. The Accent Piece

    22. The Prom Queen

    21. The Orchid

    20. The Basic

    19. The Bold & The Beautiful

    18. The Graduate

    17. The Bling Ring

    16. The Tiny Hat

    15. The Bohemian

    14. The Housewife

    13. The Delicate Flower

    12. The Bedazzled

    11. The Wrap

    10. The Pearl

    9. The Bow Down Bow

    8. The Statement Piece

    7. The Hepburn

    6. The Hamptons Chic

    5. The Red Queen

    4. The Tie-The-Knot

    3. The Queen B

    2. The Crown

    1. The New Yorker

    Perhaps Blair said it best herself: