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29 Thoughts Every Young Adult Has When Choosing An Optometrist For The First Time

How do I adult?

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What's a Member ID? Is it like a school ID?

Register? Oh you mean create an online account! I can do that! It's like Facebook!

My birthdate? Wait I know this one...

My social security number? Uhhhh *texts mom*

HMO? PPO? What's the difference?

Oh I have the HMO one. Okay

Learn About My Benefits? Okay, let's do this....

That makes no sense. WTF is a copay? Just tell me what I need to pay!

Can't I just YouTube this?

You guys couldn't bother to explain this with a YouTube video?

*Begins to text mom* No, wait. I can do this.

*YouTubes* "How does insurance..." Oh look a cat video!

"Epic Fails of 2014" *click*

"Proposal Fails of 2014" *click*

"Baby laughing at mom" *click*

"Cute Korean baby falling asleep" *click*

"Korean baby stranger danger" *click*

*Thirty minutes later*

Oh damnit! Okay, insurance... Still don't understand *texts mom*

Why didn't they just say that in the first place? Now to find a provider...

How do I know which to choose? *copy/paste name into Google*

Wow dude, your Yelp reviews suck.

I'm hungry.

Damn I've been doing this for 2 hours now. Why is this so complicated?

Yup, time to take break. In N Out sounds good right now.

*Drives to In N Out*....*Twenty Minutes Later*

Ok, providers. Optometrist.... this one has good reviews. Done!

Schedule an appointment? I think I've done enough for today.

Hello, Netflix! Oh fuck I can't see...

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