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Women-Only Venue At Glastonbury Generates Controversy

The "revolutionary clubhouse" is going to be called The Sisterhood and it's only for "people who identify as women". The respone on social media is mixed.

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Two weeks before Glastonbury opens its gates, the Festival announced their first-ever women-only venue called The Sisterhood.

Described as an "intersectional, queer, trans and disability-inclusive space open to all people who identify as women", it is a historic moment for the fight against transphobia but what about equality?

The venue's organisers released a statement saying "The producers of The Sisterhood believe that women-only spaces are necessary in a world that is still run by and designed to benefit mainly men".

The idea of this venue - run by only women - has generated mixed reactions. People shared their - often radical - opinion on Twitter.

Some are really happy about the safety a place like this gives to women

Love this so much. Thank you @GlastoFest for providing a safe space for women and for heightening representation

Have you heard this exciting #Glastonbury news?

men: don't complain it's "sexist" to have a women only space when mixed spaces like this result in YOUR GENDER attacking ours. #Glastonbury

But a lot of people are questioning the decision, saying it's sexist and hypocritical

Sweet irony! #Glastonbury women-only Sisterhood area to have "workshops on diversity & inclusion"

The whole #Glastonbury "Female-only arena because women need to be coddled" stuff is still misandry dressed up as gender equality

Sexism to fight sexism! Very progressive, #Glastonbury - thanks for cranking back the efforts of #feminism.

I don't really understand women-only spaces at festivals. Surely segregation is a bit regressive #Glastonbury

Segregation is wrong and illiberal. This is just fuel for the anti-feminist crowd. #Glastonbury #feminism

.@GlastoFest "Workshops on diversity" - maybe 1st one can explain how banning men promotes inclusivity. #Glastonbury

The controversy is not surprising. The idea to have a safe place for everyone who identifies as female is great and really important in the fight against trans-, queer- and any other sexual and gender phobias.

But it doesn't really seem to be about that. Because if it is, what about trans men? And people who don't identify with just one gender?

Is it in the name of feminism then? It is true, that there is still a gender pay gap and women are oppressed in a lot of situations and cultures - but building a women-only community doesn't sound like equality either.

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