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18 Things That You Think Have Existed Since Forever But Are Fairly New

Your parents probably once lived in a world without Doritos, Big Macs, or Buffalo wings. Can you imagine?!

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2. Plastic Bags

Luhuanfeng / Getty Images

In the '60s, Swedish engineer Sten Gustav Thulin figured out how to stretch a thin plastic tube, then strategically cut and seal it into plastic bags. Celloplast, the packaging company he worked for, patented the invention in 1965.


3. In-line Skates

Sonya_m / Getty Images

Versions of in-line skates have existed since the 1760s, and some of the first roller skates ever made had an inline design. But they quickly fell out of fashion, and skates with two pairs of wheels became the more popular choice. Then in 1981, inspired by seeing a booted in-line skate from the '60s, Scott and Brennan Olson founded their company Rollerblade and started manufacturing and marketing in-line skates as exercise equipment.

4. Post-it Notes

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In the late '60s, scientists working for 3M were experimenting with different adhesives, and by 1974, the prototype for the first Post-it Note was born. They first went on sale in 1980, and have become immensely popular since then.

5. Buffalo Wings

Mphillips007 / Getty Images

They were invented over 50 years ago at Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York. Teressa Bellissimo, who worked at Anchor Bar, cooked up the recipe for her son and his friends using parts of the chicken that were generally only used for soup stock until that time.

6. The Addams Family and The Munsters

CBS / ABC / Via

In 1964, two different spooky families made their debut on TV: the Addams and the Munsters. And even though they're in black and white, both shows are only 53 years old.


8. Gatorade

PepsiCo / Via

Around 50 years ago, coaches at the University of Florida, obsessed with reaching the highest potential with their football program, reached out to researchers at the school to develop a beverage to help athletes recover electrolytes lost through sweating, and Gatorade was born.

9. Soft Contact Lenses

Sergeyryzhov / Getty Images

At one point in time, all contact lenses were made of rigid glass. It wasn't until 1971 that the first FDA-approved soft lenses hit the market, in the form of Bausch & Lomb's "SofLens" contacts.

10. ATMs

Sanjagrujic / Getty Images

Around 50 years ago, an Englishman named John Shepherd-Barron developed a model that would become the forerunner of today's automated teller machines. Inspired by candy dispensing machines and frustrated by banks' business hours, he came up with the brilliant idea of creating a device that would automatically cash checks at any time of day.

11. Rolling Stone Magazine

Rolling Stone / Via

The magazine was created in San Francisco in November of 1967. The first cover featured a picture of John Lennon from the movie How I Won the War, which immediately defined the publication's mix of politics, culture, and music.

12. Portable Electronic Calculators

Sihuo0860371 / Getty Images

Before 1970, calculators were big and heavy and needed to be plugged in. It was just 47 years ago that the first portable calculator with rechargeable batteries was developed in Japan.


13. The Big Mac

McDonald's / Via

Just 50 years ago, Jim Delligatti, a McDonald's store franchisee, came up with the idea of creating a burger using ingredients from other McDonald's sandwiches: meat, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a special sauce. The creation was a huge success for the company, and has not changed much since.

14. Pringles

Martinrlee / Getty Images

In 1967, Proctor & Gamble developed a new way to sell chips — in a tinfoil-coated cardboard cylinder with a plastic lid. With this revolutionary new package, the product could stay fresh for a longer period of time and the chips didn't break as easily.

17. Jamaica

Rawpixel / Getty Images

Yes, the nation of Jamaica has only been around for about 55 years. The country didn't gain its independence from England until its constitution was ratified on Aug. 6, 1962.

18. Instant Oatmeal

PepsiCo / Via

Sure, oatmeal has been around forever, but it wasn't until 1966 that Quaker first began marketing instant oatmeal. And then it wasn't until 1970 that they began to add flavors such as maple syrup and brown sugar.

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