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    25 Tragedies You've Experienced If You Grew Up Wearing Glasses

    That awkward moment when someone far away waves at you and you have no idea who they are.

    1. The first time your glasses broke.

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    Even worse is when it happened during school and you had to spend the rest of the day with your frames all taped up and scratches in the middle of your vision.

    2. Or the first time you lost them and didn't know what to tell your parents.

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    You tried to hide it for as long as you could, but after a few days, their absence became a little too conspicuous.

    3. And then getting scolded because you were irresponsible with your expensive glasses.

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    "This is the last pair I'm buying you. If you break these, you just won't be able to see for the rest of the year."

    4. The nicknames... the damn nicknames.

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    Four-eyes, nerd, Harry Potter, window face, Coke bottles, geek, specs, and so on, and so on...

    5. Sitting in the back of the classroom and essentially just not understanding anything that was going on.

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    Your notes were always a mess on those days. Sometimes you couldn't even be certain that your teacher was writing in English.

    6. Never even having the option to cheat on tests.

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    Even if you wanted to, there was no way you were able to make out the answers on your classmates' papers.

    7. Glasses and gym class never mixed.

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    You couldn't see where you were running without your glasses, but if you kept them on, they bounced all over the place (often right off your face) and steamed up instantly. It was a lose/lose situation.

    8. And if it was dodge ball day, you were doomed.

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    Dodge balls are like kryptonite for glasses.

    9. Everyone loved the pool, except for you, of course.

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    As if being totally blind wasn't bad enough, now you have to flail wildly to keep yourself from drowning too.

    10. You never appreciated how awful rainy days were until you started wearing glasses.

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    There's just no winning. Your glasses get wet, and you can't see. You take them off to clean them, and you can't see. You put them back on and they fog up instantly, AND YOU CAN'T SEE.

    11. You love the idea of 3D movies, but you hate actually going to watch them.

    Wearing two pairs of glasses just never works very well, and it makes you look ridiculous. Then you try taking off your normal glasses, but of course, you can't see anything on the screen. Why bother?

    12. And you have the same dilemma with sunglasses.

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    Sure, they have those transition lenses that get dark when you step outside, but it's just not the same. You wish you could just live a normal life and buy cheap sunglasses whenever it was convenient for you.

    13. The worst was accidentally leaving your glasses at home.

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    It just make you feel so naked all day, and you kept reaching up to adjust frames that just weren't there.

    14. You avoided taking your glasses off around other people because nobody could help but comment on your appearance without them.

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    "I never realized your eyes were that color! You look pretty without glasses. Have you ever thought about wearing contacts?"

    15. ...or mock your appearance without them.

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    "Whoa, you look weird without glasses. Put them back on."

    16. When all your friends insist on trying on your glasses then won't shut up about how blind you are.

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    No, I've been wearing glasses all my life because I thought it'd make me look super cool.

    17. Driving at night.

    Sometimes it gets a little tough to distinguish between street lights, traffic lights, and the headlights... but you brave it anyways.

    18. That awkward moment when someone waves from far away and you have no idea who they are.

    "Hey there... uh, blurry blob! How have you been?"

    19. On more than a couple occasions, your poor vision has led to some awkward encounters with people you don't know on the street.

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    Like those times you approached a friend to say hi and when you finally got to them you realized that you had no idea who you were talking to.

    20. Or approaching a dog to say hello just to discover that you're crouched down petting a towel.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @Jankeleg

    "Good boy. Nice towel."

    21. Nighttime is especially hard on glasses wearers, because it's tough to tell if that shadow in the corner of your room is a homicidal maniac, a terrifying ghost, or just a sweater you hung up on your door earlier.

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    Just because it hasn't been an axe murderer yet doesn't mean it's not this time.

    22. And sometimes you accidentally knock your glasses off your bedside table and have to spend all morning trying to feel where they ended up.

    Hanna Barbera / Via

    23. You can't drink anything hot without making an ass out of yourself.

    Mission impossible: reading and drinking coffee at the same time.

    24. You've always wondered what it'd be like to see in the shower or bath tub.

    Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

    Who knows what sights you're missing out on in there?

    25. You can't even treat yourself to watching TV in bed.

    It's so frustrating.

    Although, you put up with it, because you know you wouldn't be the same without glasses. They're a part of who you are.

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    This post was translated from Spanish.

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