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8 Tips To Ensure Proper Business Attire In The Workplace

Determining the appropriate outfit for the workplace can often be a trying task, but fear no more. These 6 tips will ensure that you're ready to look your best regardless for an interview, job opportunity, or everyday life in the workplace.

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1. Be Classy / Via

It is important to dress sophistically and appropriately in the workplace. A good rule of thumb is to "dress like the person you want to be." Hopefully, you want to be the individual with several job opportunities and a bountiful professional career. If you have different aspirations than the options previously mentioned, be careful what you wished for.

2. Be Simple / Via

When deciding on an outfit to wear, keep it simple. There is a fine line between dressing appropriately and overdressing. Save the oversized earrings, gold chain, and the 8-inch heels for another occasion. Do not have people wondering if you're doing the walk of shame, or simply overdressing for work. Remember a two-piece matching suit can never go wrong.

3. Be Respectful / Via

Be aware of the image you're portraying with the attire you're wearing. Showing unnecessary cleavage or skin may be disrespectful to the people around you. Strive for closed-toe shoes, skirts below the knees, belts, dress socks, and such. The way you dress often displays how serious you are about the job opportunity.

4. Be Prepared / Via

Whether it be the night before or weeks in advance, prepare the outfit you're going to wear in a timely manner. I cannot see to many positive outcomes when preparing your outfit at the last moment. In addition, "the toilet store" is not appropriate for the workplace.

5. Be Hygienic / Via

I understand this tip has absolutely nothing to do with clothes...but, if you do not BRUSH YOUR TEETH people will not be concerned with your attire, rather simply pondering why sewage is seeping out of your mouth. Seriously, it is important to be hygienic, to a certain extend your bodily functions are a part of your attire. This also includes maintaining one's facial hair and other personal issues that may potentially draw unnecessary attention.

6. Be Resourceful / Via

You don't have to fight this battle alone...this actually doesn't have to be a battle at all. If you are undecided or unsure about the most suitable outfit to wear, ask for a credible opinion. In addition, there are several options on the internet that provide excellent advise on business attire - similar to this buzzfeed post -top-notch advice.

7. Be Aware of Business Casual Attire / Via

Ah! Business casual...I mean, the name itself is basically a contradiction. For men and women the question may arise, "What is too professional for business casual?" Or, "what is too casual for business casual?" Generally speaking, business casual attire should be conservative, yet comfortable. Men: long sleeved shirts, blue jeans, leather shoes, light jewelry. Women: classy skirt/blouse, jeans, light jewelry, and stay away from heels or open-toe shoes. Overall, just try not to look like you're going to the's not THAT casual.

8. Cover Tattoos and Body Piercings / Via

Hide it! To preface this comment, there is nothing wrong with having body piercings or tattoos, but for the sake of being in a job interview or the workplace it may be best too cover them up. Certain stereotypes or prejudice, whether warranted or unwarranted, may arise as a result of having visible art on one's body. Regardless of one's credentials or achievements, there probably aren't too may situations where having body art visible body art is advantageous. I am not saying there is anything wrong with them(they're often quite cool), but it's best to avoid any entity that may potentially work against you.