20 Things Happening Backstage At Fallon

Lions, and tigers, and (manly) bears, oh my! The 30 Rock halls look as lively as ever.

1. Everyone is showing off their best work attire.

The side-pose keeps them looking fit.

2. They’re practicing for that night’s show wherever they can find the space.

New York is just a little smaller than L.A.

3. Writers are testing their jokes and finding their creative energies.


4. But Jimmy is busy watching everything…


5. …and he’s making sure there are no shenanigans.


Rehearsals, like this one, can get a little out of hand.

6. Guests are “chillin’” in their dressing rooms.


Tina Fey spent her dressing room hours reminiscing about her worst audition ever.

7. They’re warming up their vocal cords.


Dierks Bentley even let cameras in on an acoustic performance of “I Hold On.”

8. And they’re calming their nerves.


When she was at The Tonight Show, Kate McKinnon talked about the worst time she ever bombed.

9. The guests can be seen meeting with Jimmy before the show.

This is a rare look at Jimmy and Billy Crystal out of makeup.

10. Sometimes they take selfies.

11. Actually, they usually take selfies.

12. It’s mostly a story of selfies.

How does it look when I take photos of my face? What is my technique?

— Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow)

13. If his guest is a chef, the two of them usually do a taste test.

And when Mario Batali drops by, the drinks are all real.

14. Knights are keeping the hallways guarded…

JK it’s Johnny Knoxville. He was prepping for his late “knight” race.

15. …while stand-ins are helping Jimmy seriously rehearse in the studio.


This stand-in thought “stocking stuffers” was more about “stuffing stockings.”

16. Interns are drawing some out-of-this-world art on the show’s chalkboard.

They have other jobs, too, but they’re really good at chalking.

17. The karate piñatas are hanging out, looking surprised like they do.

#behindthescenesatlatenight #scenic

— kurt decker (@kurtdecker)

18. Props are being delivered and demanding to be seen.

Some segments require fake arms, but shhh! It’s a film trick.

19. Water buffalo are making occasional appearances.

Just a water buffalo in the hallway of @LateNightJimmy ..Excuse me sir water buffalo coming thru ! #booya

— Jeff Musial (@JeffAnimalGuy)

20. And, if it’s a very special day, Jimmy’s dog Gary can be seen dropping by.

She’s the biggest star of all.

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