26 Brilliant Responses To Jimmy Fallon Hashtags

These hashtaggers #nailedit. Be proud of them, and be happy they’re not you.


Drove 20 hours to Florida b/c our friend's uncle had an "amazing" condo for us. Turns out it was in a senior nudist colony. #badspringbreak

— Branuga@yahoo.com (@branuga)

@jimmyfallon She emailed it was over. Waited. Got impatient. Called me and said "you should check your email" then hung up. #awkwardbreakup

— Mike Feeney (@MikeFeeneyPXP)

Broke up with bf. He was apparently so drunk that he forgot and showed up to hang out the next day. Had to break up again. #awkwardbreakup

— Angie Gulley White (@Ang4ND1)

I once had a girl break up with me in the jean aisle of Marshalls. #awkwardbreakup

— James Korkie (@jameskorkie)

@jimmyfallon My nephew who's about 6 prayed before dinner one night.. "Dear Lord. We started from the bottom now we're here." #myweirdfamily

— Kelli Suziebelly :] (@kelliknoxville)

My dad makes bird noises in the grocery store to let my mom know where he is #MyWeirdFamily

— Gabby (@GabbyDuvall)

My grandparents didn't want a DVD player because they thought the laser would escape and burn down the house #MyWeirdFamily

— M. Williams (@CBJHockey)

When I asked my parents why they never gave me the sex talk they said it was because they weren't worried #myweirdfamily

— jed fule (@_jedfoolaye)

I taught my 3 year old to say "nailed it" after every answer during her first eye exam, right or wrong. #MyWeirdFamily

— Mme Linners (@linniewoods)

If you're getting beat up start to laugh and pretend you enjoy it, it will creep them out and they'll stop. #worstadvice

— Ross Fitzgibbon (@FitzgibbonRoss)

When you see a shark's fin swim directly toward it to establish dominance. #worstadvice @jimmyfallon

— Mark Oliver (@markoliverPV)

@jimmyfallon #worstadvice B4 trip 2 Tijuana "u can drink the frozen margaritas cuz ice kills the bacteria" no it doesn't! #immodiumlove

— Lisa (@purpleflash2)

@jimmyfallon #worstadvice "you should carry around a banjo at college, that way, you can be the 'banjo guy'." - my mom

— Julia Gardner (@joulesgardner)

At every bump in the road, the glove compartment would fall on my passenger's knee and their seat would fall back #MyWorstCar

— Parlez Cooper (@ParlezCooper)

My dad drove a truck with rope tied around each windshield wiper. He pulled a side, the passenger pulled back. #MyWorstCar #actuallymydads

— Lindsay Runge (@LindsayRunG)

@jimmyfallon My air vents didn't work because they were blocked up by a squirrel nest. #MyWorstCar

— Alison Coe (@PirateKnits)

The horn would honk on it's own sometimes. So when it did I would just wave my hand out the window like I had seen a friend! #MyWorstCar

— Buddy Self (@BuddySaanGuy)

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