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The Best Of Fake Science

It's been two years since Fake Science began as a less than factual guide to our amazing world. This list includes some of the best and most popular posts from the second year, along with information about how they changed the world. It's a companion to our summary of our first year.

1. Why Do Cats Purr?

2. How To Solve The Fossil Fuel Crisis

3. Optical Illusions

4. Understand Groundhog Day

5. Avoid Smoking Cigarettes

6. Why Are Sharks Attracted to Blood?

7. Research And Development

8. Why Do We Procrastinate?

9. Be Bear Aware

10. What's The Difference Between The Alligator and Crocodile?

11. Are Unicorns Real?

12. Why Do Mosquitoes Itch?

Thank you for following our science. The next year promises to be the best yet, so visit Fake Science for new lessons, amazing test tube discounts, and a more scientific life.