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    A Year Of Fake Science: The Best And Fakest

    It's been one year since Fake Science began as a less than factual guide to our amazing world. Since then, it's become the most popular science blog since Einstein's. This list includes some of the best and most popular posts from the year, along with information about how they changed the world. Fake Science publishes a few times a week. Get updates by becoming a liker on Facebook, a follower on Twitter, or a Tumblr protege.

    • The New Zodiac

      Once the new zodiac was revealed, mitten tattoos became incredibly popular around the world.

    • What's The Difference Between Regular And Decaf Coffee?

      This lesson about coffee helped inspire French Roast Decaf Coffee, in which the dirt is scalded in the picturesque French countryside.

    • Is Butter Good For You?

      After this butter science hit the internet, movie theatres began a new health campaign, replacing buckets of buttered popcorn with buckets of healthy butter.

    • Why Do You Get A Hangover?

      For this reason, most scientists recommend you drink more so that there's no room for brain sloshing.

    • Why Do Zebras Have Stripes?

      This lesson provides definitive proof that leopard print isn't scientifically classy.

    • Effects Of Radioactivity Over Time

      After this popular post, people finally realized radioactive things can be bad.

    • Are You Radioactive?

      Those who found they were radioactive tried to get a reality television series, only to accidentally destroy the cameras on the first day of shooting.

    • Why Did The Tyrannosaurus Rex Have Short Arms?

      Of course, aside from the T-Rex, pterodactyls are well-known for preferring turtlenecks.

    • How Do Magnets Work?

      Once this magnet science became public, many popular musical artists rushed to change the lyrics to their songs about magnets.

    • What Tree Rings Mean

      It should be noted that while trees are promiscuous, shrubs are much worse.

    • How to Remember The Planets

      Our first post earned us an immediate nomination for the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, we caused an explosion during the awards ceremony and are banned for life. Visit Fake Science for over a hundred amazing lessons, tips to improve your life, and complimentary chips and queso (note: there will not actually be any complimentary chips and queso). Thank you for an amazing year. We look forward to another one when the facts are too confusing.