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The Hidden Career For Drama Students

Are you a drama student? Are you wondering what you will do with your life after you graduate? Here is a career path to consider, and it may surprise you.

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Drama Kids! Try American Sign Language Interpreting!

When I was in high school, I was hyper-involved with all things theatre: Drama classes, musicals, drama festivals, the works. When it came down to deciding what to do after graduation I was faced with a surprising dilemma. Naturally, Drama kids want to go to college for the obvious: acting. I loved acting, but as a big worrier regarding career stability, acting seemed unpredictable, not to mention one of the most competitive industries to be a part of.

My grandfather was Deaf and fluent in American Sign Language (ASL), so I always had an interest in the language. I decided to go to college for ASL and Deaf Studies. It was during the first few weeks of study when I realized how my acting experience had become an unexpected asset. Here are some ASL facts that a Drama student can relate to:

-ASL is a language of pantomiming.

-ASL uses a variety of facial expressions to specify grammatical infliction.

-The amount of power or speed put into a sign had the ability to change the meaning of the sign, or further describe the word/sentence being said.

-To tell a story in sign language is to act it out through signs, and physical modifiers

-The ASL and Deaf Studies students who had acting experience had a natural ability to articulate expression well

-Actors communicate to an audience while ASL Interpreters are mediums of communication. They both focus on communication and community

The best part?

Sign language interpreters are in high command all over the world!

ASL Interpreting and Deaf Studies is offered in various colleges around North America. I suggest considering the possibilities of learning this beautiful language.

Drama geeks! Check out ASL!

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