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Why Carl Is The Best Character On Shameless

NSFW because, well, it's Carl.

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He's Philosophical.

Almost exclusively about male genitalia.

Carl: I don't get it. Half the world has penises, why do people get so upset about seeing them?

Carl wonders a lot about what it's like to be gay when he finds out his older brother is gay and when he gets placed in a foster home with two gay men. Leading to my next point...

And Best of All, He Loves His Family.

He's a troublemaker and, as Fiona refers to him, a "barbarian," but Carl does actually have a heart. He spent most of the last season caring for his dying father and doing anything he could to ease his pain, while trying to find him a new liver.

Fiona wants nothing to do with Frank and asks Carl, "Why is that my problem?"

His response:

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