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Are You Developing A Case Of OCD?

Let's see if these little imperfections are enough to make you go nuts, shall we?

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  1. 1. Are You Developing A Case Of OCD?

    Or maybe you just really enjoy cleaning. Let's find out!
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    Or maybe you just really enjoy cleaning. Let's find out!

    You freak out when the bottle cap is not on the bottle.
    You hate it when the chalk board isn't COMPLETELY erased.
    You've once straightened your hair for 3 hours straight.
    But it was never straight enough.
    A mere, unrecognizable stain is enough to make you not wear your T-Shirt.
    Even if you're staying home.
    If the paper is too long for the binder, you won't put it in.
    Buying something that costs $9.99 is a challenge for you.
    You can't imagine the idea of wearing two different socks.
    Swifer Duster is your new best friend.
    You have some "fancy plates" for a special occasion.
    Even though you know you'll never dare to use them.
    In your bookshelf, the books go from shortest to tallest
    Or vice versa.
    No exceptions.
    You whiten your teeth every month.
    You use a ruler to measure the straightness of your hanged paintings.
    You can't leave the house without your Hand Sanitizer.
    You count your money every hour.
    You relate to Monica from Friends.
    The thought of a super-organized room can literally cheer you up... instantly.
    Dried out toothpaste at the top of the tube completely irks you.
    You will NEVER wear something that is too big or small for you.
    There is such a thing as the perfect size.
    You can spend more than 3 hours in the same store.
    You're impossible to go shopping with.
    But you prefer going shopping alone, anyways.
    The sight of your hair in the morning is brutal torture.
    Your hangers need to be hanged in the same direction.
    Flat ironing clothes is your life.
    You can take 10 minutes just to organize your pillows.
    You won't eat foods if they're touching each other on a plate.
    Your close are organized by color. Always.

Are You Developing A Case Of OCD?

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