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    19 Creepy Tinder Messages From Guys Who Need Their Phones Confiscated

    Some guys should just never download dating apps.

    1. This guy can't be serious:

    2. This guy had a confusing opener:

    3. This is just a very creepy bio asking for creepy things:

    4. This is a no from me, dawg:

    5. This is just too much:

    6. This guy is already daydreaming:

    7. This one can leave a person speechless:

    8. This guy is asking for too much:

    9. This is just going too far:

    10. This guy needs to work on his pickup lines:

    11. This guy deserves to be blocked:

    12. This conversation went from 0–60 real quick:

    13. This message went too far:

    14. This guy didn't get the hint:

    15. This one is setting the bar low:

    16. This is not how you get someone's interest:

    17. This is what I'd call a misogynistic bio:

    18. This message is wrong in so many ways:

    19. This guy was at least honest, but it's still bad: