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Gen Z'ers Have Made Fun Of Millennials For Wearing These Specific Things That They'll Have To Pry Out Of My Cold Dead Hands

"What the f**** else do you wear when you want to go out and look nice?"

The divide between millennials and Gen Z is pretty real when it comes to certain things like, *ahem* fashion.

meryl streep saying, " Everybody wants to be us."

While I love seeing what the girlies are wearing on TikTok and what fashion trends are happening at the moment, there are times when it feels like I — a 30-year-old millennial — just cannot keep up.

Fashion trends and fashion lingo that were considered normal — or dare I say cool — by millennials are now being severely called out by the younger generations. The "stop dressing like a millennial" videos on TikTok stress me the F out!

david from "schitts creek" saying, "It's too much!"

The first example of a trend that supposedly makes a millennial stand out is the classic front tuck. I'm someone who's always loved tucking a little bit of a top — especially one that's a little loose or boxy — into my pants to give my waist some shape. Well, apparently, the front tuck is a millennial look that is now considered "outdated."

a woman talking in a titkok

If you do a quick search of "front tuck out of style" on TikTok, countless videos with millions of views pop up with people trying to come to terms with this fashion tip being dead.

clips of tiktok videos

Some people on TikTok have ditched the front tuck life, like 28-year-old Melissa McCormick who told BuzzFeed in another post, "I have actually already stopped doing the front tuck. Not necessarily because it's a millennial signifier, but because I really like knowing what the trends are and trying them for myself."

While others — such as myself — will ignore the haters and continue to front-tuck all we want.

a comment on a tiktok, no one can stop me from doing a french tuck

Another trend that makes a millennial stand out is distressed skinny jeans. While I do agree this style is a bit dated, I think sometimes — I'll speak for myself — we millennials don't always want to wear loose, baggy jeans. So there might be some confusion about what other style of jeans we should be wearing. As perfectly said in this TikTok, "I'm just a millennial trying to figure out what to wear since we're not doing skinny jeans anymore."

a woman talking in a tiktok

Then Gen Z decided that millennials using the phrase "going out tops" (aka a phrase to describe nice tops you'd wear on a night out) is...cheugy. I cringed as I wrote that.

a woman looking distressed

As the great Tinx said in a TikTok, "To my millennial sisters — we can still have our 'going out' tops, but they just have to look a little differently now and we have to wear them a little differently now."

a woman wearing a top talking in a tiktok

"Because I was very disoriented when they said, 'You can't have them, that's cheugy blah blah blah.' I love them. What the f**** else do you wear when you want to go out and look nice?" Tinx continued in her video. Preach, girl!

a woman talking to her tiktok

A fellow confused — I assume — millennial, commented:

a comment on a tiktok video, wait i'm so confused what are we supposed to wear then

And a very interesting take from a Gen Z'er:

a comment on a tiktok video, elder gen z here, instead of jeans and a fun top, it's a top and fun pants

Oversized T-shirts over bike shorts is another style that seems to make a millennial stand out.

woman in the oversized shirt and bike shorts

This millennial favorite always gave Princess Diana vibes and I loved that about our generation.

princess diana walking in athleisure

I guess the Gen Z girlies are tucking the back of their oversized tees into their shorts or pants instead? We millennials might need a manual at this point...

a girl showing her outfit in a tiktok

And there's also been some talk about millennials showing their age when wearing no-show socks. The caption of this person's TikTok sums it all up: "A millennial desperately trying to keep up with current sock trends after a lifetime of ankle socks."

a person showing their socks

There are too many rules!

a comment on a tiktok, they needcd ot be thicker, scrunchier ones and new balance or crocs

Last but not least, a trend that really makes a millennial stand out is a certain kind of statement necklace. I heard that statement necklaces are making a comeback but the Gen Z version looks very different from the Charming Charlie ones we were wearing back in 2010.

a screenshot from a tiktok video

Honestly, this is a trend I'm okay with millennials ditching and instead embracing the newer versions of because I do agree that those chunky, steel stone necklaces we used to wear are just not cute anymore.

Overall, regardless of the trends and generation divide, I think people should dress in what makes them happy and whatever makes them feel the most confident because we're sleepy girlies and it's too much to keep up with!

Share with me all your strong thoughts and opinions on this in the comments below!