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    Wedding Guests Are Sharing The Things They Roll Their Eyes At During Weddings, And Couples Should Probably Take Some Notes On These

    Please, for the love of god, do not release doves into the sky at your wedding. It's WEIRD.

    I just recently attended a wedding, and in my opinion, it's pretty wild how traditional weddings still are to this day. A lot of the formalities could be considered outdated and some things should probably just not exist anymore. (Why is the garter belt tradition still a thing???)

    a bride and groom holding hands on their wedding day

    When I came across this Reddit thread where u/ThumbnaiCom asked, "What in weddings makes you cringe?" I actually cracked up at the responses in the thread because I agree with a lot of them. Here is what some people had to say.

    people dancing on a dance floor at a wedding

    1. "All the old people making comments about all the sex the couple is about to have."


    2. "Guests who take pictures of the ceremony with a fucking iPad."


    3. "The father-daughter dance. I know people love it and sometimes it’s sweet but when the song is along the lines of 'You were my girl and now you’re his' — it’s just so cringe. I have to turn away."

    keke palmer cringing

    4. "I recently went to a wedding where the bride and groom had signs and décor with 'It was always you' everywhere. When the bride and groom met, the bride was one of three women the groom was dating. They spent a decade cheating on all of their partners to be with each other before they finally got together. But I guess that was all ok because 'It was always you.' What a weird thing to highlight with your decorations at your wedding."


    a scene from the movie "wedding crashers" where they are all taking a shot

    5. "Releasing doves into the sky."


    6. "When someone else proposes to their significant other. Why take all the attention from the bride and groom and put it on yourself instead? It’s so selfish."


    7. "Garter retrieval horror. Especially if teeth are involved. Cringe AF."


    8. "Those women that try way too hard to catch the bouquet that the bride throws. Some literally push others over. I feel embarrassed just watching them."

    a bride throwing her bouquet into a crowd of women

    9. "Moments where one new spouse humiliates the other. I'm in the industry and I've seen examples. Once, the bride decided to prank the groom during the garter toss. They blindfolded him and brought out a groomsman in a wedding dress, who had also shaved his legs for the occasion and had the groom go after the garter the way one usually does. He retrieves the garter which, yes, was all the way up on the thigh, with his teeth, stands, and pulls his blindfold off, only to find 200 people laughing at him. He was livid for the rest of the night. Don't humiliate your spouse on the day you're supposed to be celebrating how much you love one another."


    10. "Any wedding where the bridesmaids and groomsmen have been ordered to perform a choreographed dance at any point during the festivities — whether that's dancing up the aisle or a full-on dance number during the reception."

    a scene from the movie "bridesmaids"

    11. "Smashing the slice of cake in each other's face."


    a man eating cake with the text, "time to party!"

    12. "'Ball and chain' jokes. Why the fuck are you getting married then?"


    13. "That part when a priest or an officiant asks if anyone knows a reason for those two not to marry and everyone pretends they didn’t hear the question."


    14. "When the bride is walking down the aisle and everyone is taking pictures with their cellphones. That couple will forever have everyone looking through their phones in the photographs from the professional photographer that cost thousands. A special iconic moment marred with faces in screens. But everyone wants a low-quality image from a bad angle immediately, instead of having the forethought to ask the couple at a later date for a copy of a professional one. It's selfish and ignorant."

    a bride and an older man walking down the aisle

    15. "When there are multiple unruly kids running around and/or screaming spoiling the first dance or any special moments for the couple."


    16. "Honestly, any themed wedding is extreme cringe to me."


    17. "When people write their own vows but they don’t actually promise anything. They just ramble for a few minutes about how much they love each other and how perfect they are. The whole point of wedding vows is to make commitments."

    two men at their wedding ceremony

    18. "The speeches usually make me want to quietly leave as quickly as possible."


    19. "When the officiant turns it into a stand-up comedy routine."


    20. "The first dance. I don’t think I could be up here dancing with everyone watching me."

    two men dancing on their wedding day

    21. "The same songs played at every wedding."


    22. "Bridal hair and makeup. Often way overdone and unnecessary. Just keep it simple. No need to look like you're competing in some sort of hairdo competition."


    23. "When they announce everyone in the wedding party as they walk into the hotel banquet room like it’s a Las Vegas boxing match. Oh, you’re the eighth best man. Great, great."


    Are there any things that make you cringe at weddings? Spill the tea in the comments below!