Sleep Is A Struggle For Me, So I Tried Various Habits That Are Supposed To Help You Fall Asleep Easier

    I knew I needed to make some changes so I can stop hearing myself complain about going to bed late and stop getting distracted by things in my bedroom.

    Hi! My name is Fabiana and I'm a person, like most, who is always in major need of sleep. 😴

    The annoying thing about my sleep schedule is that I'm an early riser no matter what day of the week it is — but I can never get myself to sleep at a decent hour.

    Considering I'm usually awake by 7 a.m., by the time noon rolls around, I feel like I'm crashing, and the nonstop yawns continue throughout the day.

    Back when I was in my early twenties and living at home, I used to blame my family for getting in the way of my bedtime routine.

    Eventually, when I moved out and lived by myself, I noticed that I could no longer blame anyone but myself for not having a productive nighttime routine. (Is it just me or do the hours after work just fly by??)

    After quarantine happened, I found it even tougher to put away my phone, say goodnight to Netflix, and not get distracted by anyone all before bed.

    The author giving a thumbs up

    So for an entire work week, I decided I would try different popular bedtime hacks and methods to see if any of them would help me achieve my goal of getting to bed early. My ultimate goal: be in bed by 10 p.m and asleep shortly after.

    Here's how it went!

    NIGHT ONE: I made dinner extra early — so I could finish cooking and cleaning with plenty of time to spare.

    The author holding a cleaning sponge

    NIGHT TWO: Force myself to put down my phone a full hour before bed — instead of scrolling until right before I shut my eyes.

    NIGHT THREE: Read 10 pages of a (long-neglected) book before shutting my eyes.

    The author reading a book

    NIGHT FOUR: Turn off the lights and meditate right before bed.

    NIGHT FIVE: Try out a nighttime yoga routine.

    The author in yoga pants

    THE RESULTS: Out of all of the methods I tried, the ones that worked best for me to get to bed early were: having a time limit on my phone, reading before bed, and cooking a much earlier-than-usual dinner.

    The author smiling before bed

    What's your favorite tip or trick for going to bed early? Tell me in the comments!