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    14 Exceedingly Awkward Dating App Screenshots That Prove What A Wild Place Online Dating Is These Days

    "So yeah, he got unmatched right after that."

    Digital dating is no easy feat! If you've experienced swiping on apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge — or even just having someone slide into your DMs — I'm sure you've had some not-so-great messaging exchanges before. On that note, I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share with me the most awkward, out-there, or wild online dating message or text they've ever received. Buckle up for some of these.

    a girl asking, "how's your dating life?"

    1. This person who thought less was more:

    a dating app conversation

    2. And this person who more was... well, more:

    a messaging exchange on a dating app

    3. "I had matched with a guy once, he was a horror movie fan. I told him I liked Freddy Krueger but didn't really like horror movies. He made fun of me but asked for my phone number so I could 'could make it up to him' that I didn't like horror, aka do phone sex with him. I said I didn't give my number out on the app. He called me a bitch and deleted the conversation. He was the horror movie all along."


    4. This person could have at least first asked how their day is.

    a dating app message

    5. "Toward the beginning of the pandemic, Tinder offered the premium 'passport' feature, where you can change your current location to any country you want, for free. I obviously was not actually planning to travel anywhere soon, but I was bored, so I took advantage of the feature. When swiping in a country where English isn't the native language, I stated in my profile that I only knew English, but I was working on learning their language. I matched with a guy and asked a generic starter question about what he likes to do for fun, and he said he likes 'erotic talk.' I responded with, 'Sorry, I only speak English, not erotic talk.' He unmatched with me immediately, but hey, I thought it was pretty funny."

    a dating app conversation

    6. "A couple of months ago I got a 'like' on Bumble from a guy who mentioned liking Pilates in his bio. At a quick glance, I actually thought it said 'pirates' — and it had me curious. I matched with him, and in my introduction message to him, I told him about the pirates misread on my part but it had me intrigued."

    andrew garfield smiling to the camera

    7. Does this line actually work on people?

    a dating app conversation

    8. "So, I actually just had this conversation very recently. I was talking to this guy who had a style that I was into and liked. However, he only wanted to meet me at night, and I, of course, don’t know him so I didn’t feel comfortable meeting him at night alone in the dark so I ended up in a way ghosting him. He, however, with another number, texted me how weird I am. Yes, I’m so weird because I won’t meet an adult man I don’t know at night. Also, I’m the weird one yet he used a whole other number to text me from. Make it make sense."


    9. "I don’t have screenshots because this was years ago over Kik Messenger. Now, I have a bad habit of letting creepy people just continue to talk and egg them on because I find it hilarious."

    a man on stage saying, "this is not normal, this is kind of crazy."

    10. "This exchange came after he said he actually wasn’t looking for something serious, just an FWB — or friend with benefits. Suddenly, and I explained I wasn’t the type for that because I catch feelings and can get attached easily."

    a messaging exchange

    11. "I was talking to this guy on Bumble. We were talking about what type of movies we liked, and I said I couldn't watch horror movies because I was too anxious afterward."

    "His response? 'This is why you need a gun.' I'm sorry what? Later he also told me a racist joke — that's when I blocked him."


    12. "An opening line a guy once sent me was, 'I know where there's a dead snapping turtle.' I told him I didn't get how that was a pickup line, and he said it wasn't — just that he knew where one was."

    rihanna giving the side eye

    13. "I had a guy ask me if I burp or fart more. I told him burp, and then he immediately unmatched. I don’t know if he was hoping for farts or what. Freaking weird."

    katy perry looking dumbfounded

    14. This person who might take the cake for 'most unexpected icebreaker question':

    a texting exchange

    Have you experienced any wild dating message exchanges? Share a screenshot and/or your story in the comments below or in this anonymous form!