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The Best #SOSVenezuela Photos Part 2 (Organized By @Sin_Mordaza)

On Saturday, March 15th, thousands of people around the world got together in more than 100 cities to illuminate the world in support to the Venezuelan people, raising their voices against repression and Human Rights violations. Once again, the photos are simply incredible.

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It has been a month since Venezuelan people took the streets to protest against the precarious situation the country is currently living. What began as peaceful demonstrations led by young students, turned into an unmanageable situation, represented by the death of at least 27 people, the arbitrary detention of hundreds of young students and a series of human rights violations of a magnitude never seen before in the country.

While many of the democratic governments around the world have remained silent to these violations, citizens from over 100 cities in every single continent have repeatedly answer the call to raise their voices against the Venezuelan dictatorship.

Yesterday, thousands of people gathered together all around the world to create a human-shaped #SOSVenezuela. Venezuelans must know that they are not alone. From Kansas City to Buenos Aires, from London to Dubai, the world has not abandoned them.

If you like the photos below and you also want to be part of a worldwide movement to promote freedom in Venezuela and to stop the human rights violations, please please follow @Sin_Mordaza in Twitter and be ready to be part of the upcoming activities.

Frankfurt, Germany

Aragua, Venezuela

Aveiro, Portugal

Barranquilla, Colombia

Berlin, Germany

Bournemouth, England

British Columbia, Canada

Brussels, Belgium

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Calgary, Canada

Cancun, Mexico

Carabobo, Venezuela

Chuao, Caracas, Venezuela

Palos Grandes, Caracas, Venezuela

Cartagena Mursia, Spain

Charlotte, United States

Charlotte, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States

Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Granada, Spain

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Islas Canarias, Spain

Kansas City, United States


La Carlota, Caracas, Venezuela

London, England

Los Angeles, United States

Medellin, Colombia

Monterrey, Mexico

Nuevo Mexico, United States

New York, United States

Orlando, FL, United States

Ottawa, Canada

Paris, France

Portuguesa, Venezuela

Praga, Czech Republic

Puebla, Mexico

Dominican Republic

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Tarragona, Spain

Toronto, Canada

Trinidad & Tobago

Valencia, Spain

Valladolid, Spain

Zaraza, Venezuela

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