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    These Are The 11 Most Important Cats In Japan Right Now

    Japanese cats are so far ahead of what cats are doing in the West. In this dispatch from Tokyo, we are bringing you the cutting edge of the Japanese cat scene.

    TOKYO, Japan — In this country known for its legendary cats, a dynamic new group of felines are casting aside all the established rules and forging their own paths.

    Japan is home to arguably the two greatest cat masters of all time – Maru, whose work with cardboard boxes has pushed the medium further than any cat in this century ...

    ... and Shironeko, whose series of pieces exploring the idea of "being really chilled out and sometimes sleeping" have inspired a generation.

    But Maru and Shiro are just the most internationally famous members of a thriving scene in Japan, and a new crop of upstarts are building on their legacy. They are scrappy, they are dynamic, and they are not afraid to break the rules. These are the Japanese cats of the future.

    These Entitled Young Lordlings

    This Cantankerous Old Man

    This Tastefully Eye-Browed Fashion Icon

    This Miserable Curmudgeon

    This Zen-Like Practitioner Of The Ancient Japanese Feline Art Of "Standing Up And Looking Quite Cross"

    These Glum But Tolerant Animal Balancers

    This Vigilant, Highly Suspicious Moaner


    This Musically Adept Aesthete


    This Satisfyingly Rectangular Relaxation Artist


    These Insatiable Gastronomes

    This Overdramatic Exaggerator


    And This Rootless Wanderer

    The end.