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Top 14 Interview Trainwrecks

There's been kind of an epidemic of high-profile interview disasters recently, so this is a good time for a look back at some of the most awkward examples of the genre. These all go wrong for very different reasons, but they are similar in that they all make me incredibly uncomfortable. Please add any good ones I missed in the comments.

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  • 1. Mistaken Identity

    Protip for aspiring movie-gossip interviewers: John Cusack is not Kevin Spacey.

  • 2. Joe Namath Drunk

    Joe Namath, Suzy Kolber, and history in the making.

  • 3. Naked Is Not Always Better [Totally NSFW]

    An astounding woman-on-the-street demonstration of freedom of speech in Canada.

  • 4. Sigur Ros: The Most Boring Band in the World

    Most of the interviewees on this list are antagonistic, drunk, stupid, or some combination of the three, but Sigur Ros manage this tour de force by the sheer force of their dullness. It's an impressive feat.

  • 5. Andrew Dice Clay Is Mean

    Like, really, unaccountably mean.

  • 6. Super Bad

    We're getting into the realm of potentially staged interviews here, but this is a classic of the genre. Read the backstory.

  • 7. Colbert Vs. Branson

    You know you're doing something wrong when you get Stephen Colbert to break character.

  • 8. John Ziegler Is so Smug

    This happened yesterday. You have to give right wing radio host John Ziegler credit for just working and working at it until any hope of civility is gone.

  • 9. Kevin James History Lesson

    This is my favorite interview of all time. Chris Matthews at his self-righteous finest.

  • 10. Fainting Volleyball Player

    Another interview protip: Stay upright.

  • 11. Sarah Palin and the Turkey

    I promised myself I would keep this to just one Sarah Palin interview, and I feel like this is the right choice. On account of the turkey.

  • 12. Billy Bob Thornton's Other Job

    A lot of people don't know that in addition to being a musician, Billy Bob Thornton has another career as an actor, in movies. Do not mention this if you ever meet him.

  • 13. Nerd Fight!

    Here's another one that happened this week. Leo Laporte vs. Michael Arrington.

  • 14. And Finally ...

    There's this.