The Continuing Adventures Of Sammy The Seal

An animal blogger from an early age, apparently. This is a contribution to BuzzFeed’s keepsake show and tell project, which you should participate in!

1. The author and his young brother at the time of writing.

2. The first, and best, Sammy the Seal story: “Sammy the Seal and the Strawberry Socks”

This is a story about Sammy the Seal. While Sammy was sitting in the water with me, we saw Annabella wearing socks with pictures of strawberries. Now, Sammy liked strawberries so he …

… jumped out of the water and he started eating her socks! Annabella was very surprised and so was Sammy when he thought, “These don’t taste like strawberries. She must …”

“… be playing a trick on me.”

5. The hallowed institution at which these masterpieces were conceived.

6. In which Sammy the Seal more or less jumps the shark via the introduction of time travel.

Another story about Sammy. Once, Sammy was sitting on a tree stump looking at a watch that someone gave him but he didn’t know that if he put it on he would …

… go into a time walk (sic). He put it on and he saw a brachiosaur (sic) and then he realized that he had gone into a time walk so he took off the watch …

… and everything was back to normal.

9. Rave reviews and other critical reception.

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