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    35 People Who Will Make You Feel Less Lazy

    Read this if you are feeling unmotivated today. It could be way worse. Trust me.

    1. The Ancient Greeks

    2. The guy who invented the hammockmobile.

    3. Anyone who wears these glasses to read.

    4. The pioneer who discovered this devastating combination of a deckchair and a straw.

    5. The guy who invented the lawnmower chariot.

    6. This Books-A-Million shopper.

    7. This thoughtful HR manager.

    8. The lazy dog over whom the quick brown fox jumped.

    9. Pandas.

    10. Spanish jeans-label translators.

    11. Grandpa Joe from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

    12. This animal.

    13. Anyone who puts on socks like this.

    14. Generation Y.

    15. One out of every four Burger King customers.

    16. Whoever graded this essay.

    17. Anyone who is just plaing lazy to type lol. And also whoever was charged with this woman's upbringing.

    18. Line-painters

    19. Whoever packed this peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    20. The person who achieved one of the highest laziness levels recorded while installing a lightbulb.

    21. Anyone who lets the dog take them for a walk.

    22. The lazy mom who honestly believes that a mother's love is better than a Snickers.

    23. This guy.

    24. People who don't have time to buy stamps.

    25. This completely useless walrus colony.

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    26. People who can't be bothered to turn their ice cream cones around to lick the other side.

    27. The person who was tasked with naming this road.

    28. Whoever hired this guy.

    29. The dude who regretted his promise to work out with his roommate.

    30. Anyone who needs this to eat a sandwich.

    31. This admittedly wonderful group of friends who wanted to dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters for Halloween.

    32. People who need augmented chopsticks.

    33. The family that owns this Christmas tree.

    34. The person who made this chart.

    35. And all cats ever.