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38 Parents Who Have Mastered The Art Of Texting

If texting is the 21st century's most significant contribution to human literary achievement, moms and dads are the first great pioneers of this new art form. Behold some of the greatest works they have achieved so far.

1. This mom who knows the best way to ask a hard-hitting question.

2. The mother who is so creative she gives tired old acronyms new meanings.

3. And this prodigy from the same literary movement.

4. The avant garde landscape photographer who is misunderstood in her time.

5. The mother who understands the virtues of constant practice.

6. This classy expert at the vernacular.

7. This world-class expert in signs and signifiers.

8. This minimalist.

9. This gourmand.

10. And this virtuoso interpreter of symbols.

11. This deconstructionist poet.

12. The dad who is willing to change his ways.

13. This fierce stickler for the rules.

14. The gentleman who appreciates life's simple pleasures.

15. This hardline philosophical skeptic.

16. The first person ever to use this important new English word.

17. And this one.

18. And this one.

19. The dad who will make you question reality.

20. And this dad with an appreciation for the absurd side of life.

21. The mom who is not afraid to tackle philosphy's toughest questions.

22. And the mom who won't stop until she gets to the real truth.

23. This master comedian.

24. The mom who is not afraid to emphasize her message with tastefully selected artwork.

25. This devout father.

26. The brilliant linguist.

27. The world's most cryptic grandma.

28. The shockingly knowledgable hip-hop historian.

29. This revolutionary enemy of punctuation.

30. The short-form writer who is a master of character development.

31. This intellectual with a knack for literary allusion.

32. This philosopher dad.

33. The scholar who is constantly trying to expand his vocabulary.

34. The mom who refuses to allow society's disapproval to get in the way of her healthy intellectual curiosity.

35. The grandmother who is inventing a new way to communicate.

36. This dad who is not afraid of harsh truths.

37. Mackenzie's wonderful mom.

38. And the dad who sent the world's most perfect text on his very first try.

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