The 29 Most Passive Aggressive People Of All Time

It is often said that the next Great War will be fought not with guns but with passive aggressive notes. These will be its generals.

1. The person in charge of this Direct Mail campaign for a charity.

2. The person who has bad music taste but impeccable grammar.

3. The child who understands the meaning of Father and Son Day.

4. These compassionate toilet-roll advocates.

6. The Fortunate 500 Company that is in the tank for Helvetica.

7. This professional bed-frame critic.

9. This devoted school-lunch enthusiast.

10. These refined connoisseurs of bedtime noises.

11. The flamingo warrior.

12. The young lady whose haircut is going out of style.

13. The Dish Gnomes.

14. This hopeful suitor.

16. The winner of the award for most creative use of pull-out tabs on a sign.

18. The parking lot vigilante.

20. This gentlemanly bicycle thief.

21. These expert note critics.

22. The disturbing but brilliant individual who stole your lean pockets from the freezer.

23. This creative homeowner.

24. The young lady who is not angry, just disappointed.

Mom (sigh) I really love you but why do you ruin each day of my life. I’ll be on the front porch if you want to talk with me.

25. Fun Crusher’s children.

26. These enemies of whimsy.

27. This juice reviewer.

28. The nature lover.

Written by a young lady to her father after he said he wanted to finish watching the football game before going out to the beach.

29. And the saddest person in the world.

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