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The 33 Most Important Cuddling Positions

These are all the cuddles you need to know. Snug Life™, y'all.

1. The Yin Yang

2. The Reluctant Snuggler

3. The Double Plank

4. The "Three For The Price Of One"

5. The "Bobcat And Fawn"

6. The Deadliest Sin

7. The Sideways Teddy

8. The Cuddle Puddle

9. The "Never Let You Go"

10. The Death Grip

11. The "Sleep With One Eye Open"

12. The Slow And Steady

13. The Cape

14. The Deep Sea Diver

The Forbidden Fruit

15. The Perfect Circle

16. The Full Spoon

17. The Double Smile

18. The Double Smile (Goat Edition)

19. The Frontal Cuddle

20. The Mane Attraction

21. The Arm Drape

22. The Peekaboo

23. The Lateral Climb

24. The Full-Body Whisper

25. The "Caught In The Act"

26. The Face To Face

27. The Cherry On Top

28. The "Alas, Poor Yorick"

29. The Third Wheel

30. The Awkward Drape

31. The Unexpected Nuzzle

32. The Pyramus And Thisbe

33. The Total Commitment