A Celebration Of Cuddling

January 6 is National Cuddle Up Day. What better way to celebrate than to get your snuggle on?

We are all born to cuddle.

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1. The most natural of instincts.

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To spooning piglets.

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The brodle…

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2. And the nose-to-nose.

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There’s just something about holding someone close…

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…that makes the world feel safer.

And especially for these guys, a whole lot warmer.

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4. Because cuddle time is playtime.

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5. TV time.

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And of course, kissing time.

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And let’s not forget about footsie, a sport unto itself.

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7. Sometimes, just Teddy is enough.

9. But at other times, the more the merrier.

So go forth and cuddle.

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10. Because this…

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by cliffardo2001

11. is so much better than this.

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12. and definitely better than this.

So Happy Cuddle Up Day everyone!

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