22 Struggles For Anyone Who Has Been Single For Too Long

    Will swipe right for basically anyone at this point.

    1. You've basically forgotten how to do sexual innuendo.

    2. Romantic comedies are neither romantic nor comedic to you.

    3. On the rare occasion you do get to meet some other available people, you come on a little too strong.

    4. Your idea of a night out is dramatically different from your friends in relationships.

    5. Your grocery shopping reflects your lifestyle a little bit too obviously.

    6. Group photos are never not awkward.

    7. Scholars could basically write their dissertations about how long you've been single.

    8. You find amusing little ways to keep yourself occupied when all your friends are out on dates ...

    9. ... like adding to your Snapchat Story ...

    10. ... or going to Canada.

    11. There's a whole aisle at the grocery store that might as well have your name on it.

    12. And even your possessions are starting to judge you.

    13. You've become a master at managing other people's expectations.

    14. And you've made emotional unavailability into an artform.

    15. You've got more in common with succulents than you'd like to admit.

    16. And even though there are some days when you've got yourself convinced you don't need anyone ...

    17. ... when someone comes along who seems like a keeper, you have no chill.

    18. You've tried faking it 'til you make it ...

    19. ... and "putting yourself out there" ...

    20. ... and trying to find common interests with other single people ...

    21. ... but it never seems to work out.

    22. Try not to worry, though. Everyone says it "gets easier," so true love is presumably right around the corner?