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    17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed

    Some map porn for cartophiles. Is that a thing? Regardless, these are delightful.

    1. A circular tube map.

    2. This gorgeous London Underground map from 1908.

    3. Or this attractive 1933 version.

    4. The London Underground-style map of the world.

    5. And, while we're at it, the London Underground-style map of the galaxy.

    6. The life expectancy map.

    7. The (extremely) minimalist tube map.

    8. The orbital railway - plotting the Tube, rail and DLR, tram, and cable car line onto a topologically accurate map.

    9. London, as it would look if the tube map was totally accurate.

    10. And the tube map as it would look if it was actually accurate.

    11. The delightful anagram tube map.

    12. The actually underground map of the underground.

    13. The chromatic map (represents "the intersections between the colours of the lines when their opacity is set at 50%.")

    14. The Tube-map of the Doctor Who universe

    15. The Daily Mail's "moral underground" (2010)

    16. The extremely useful toilets map.

    17. The spiral tube map (spirals out from the most densely connected station)