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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Happycrying?

    Let's play a game.


    OK, let's get started.




    the act of being simultaneously happy and having a strong urge to weep


    1. You must read the whole post.

    2. If at any point you involuntarily smile and feel an urge to cry at the same time, you lose the game.

    3. If at ANY point you shed an actual physical tear, consider yourself automatically disqualified.

    OK, let's do this thing.

    Let's start nice and easy with this short video of a grandson surprising his grandpa with a visit.

    View this video on YouTube

    Nothing too hard about this one – just a quick exercise to get those smile muscles limbered up for the ordeal ahead.

    Nice work! Why not reward yourself with this GIF of a 95-year-old WWII vet enjoying a veterans' charity race outside his home.

    Now here's one of a previously homeless man who had been given money to get himself a house returning the favor to a stranger.


    Please accept our apologies for the interruption. As a token of our sincere remorse, here is a nice video of a dad receiving a surprise puppy.

    View this video on YouTube

    Here is a child having his day made by his favorite hockey player.

    And here is a young gentleman shaking hands with all of his fellow passengers as they get off the train.

    We have now reached the reunions portion of this post. If you do not like or are allergic to reunions of any kind, please back slowly away from this post and hide under a safe desk or table near to you.

    Remember: If at any point during these series of reunions, you feel an urge to happycry, you will have lost the game. Ready?

    1. Here is a daddy/daughter reunion:

    2. And another.

    3. Here is a daddy/dog reunion:

    View this video on YouTube

    4. And another.

    5. Two brothers!

    View this video on YouTube

    6. And here's a picture of a girl who went to pet cats at the local animal shelter and found the cat she'd lost over a year earlier.

    (Here they are at home afterwards.)

    7. Finally, here's the moment when a tornado survivor was reunited with her cat during a TV interview.

    Still with us? Great! We've reached the very short True Stories portion of the post. This will only take a few minutes.

    We'll begin with Alex the African gray parrot, who, after a long life and many happy years with his person, Irene Pepperberg, said his last words to her: “You be good. I love you.”

    Then there's this story about a mom, a son, and a video game that brought them together.

    This brief tale about the love between a dog and her owner.

    The long relationship between a highway officer and a troubled man.

    And this story of a race that ended up exactly how it was supposed to.

    OK, we're almost there! Let's take a quick breather to watch these two dads getting a huge surprise before we move into the homestretch.

    View this video on YouTube


    OK, It's time for the Lightning Round, then we'll be out of here! Look at these items in quick succession and try to keep those eyes dry and that smile more or less in check. Ready?

    OK, here's a dad getting surprised with tickets to the big game:

    View this video on YouTube

    Here's a grandpa who's definitely still got it:

    Here's a moment between Kermit and a new friend:

    View this video on YouTube

    And here's a moment between Kermit and an old friend:

    This is the story of an old man and a princess:

    And this is the story of an old man and a dog:

    Here's a message from a 14-year-old boy to his mom, who was battling cancer...

    ... Here's a message from an entire town to a girl who was also battling illness...

    ...and here's a message from someone who beat it.

    This is the face of a dog who just spent time with his best friend in the world.

    And this is the face of someone being surprised by hers.

    View this video on YouTube

    And that's it! You made it through! Congratulations!!!

    View this video on YouTube

    Let's all celebrate just like the people on this plane do when the air-traffic controller proposes to his girlfriend.

    How'd you do? Did you lose? If so, pass this game on to a friend and see how they do.