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    17 Of The Geekiest Furniture Items For Your Home

    Here's some sweet-ass furniture that's guaranteed to get you laid.

    1. This floppy disk table.


    For those of you who don't know what this is ... actually forget it. Ugh, I can't stand young people.

    2. These Tetris planters.


    This would be more authentic if they didn't include a long piece.

    3. These Portal bookends.

    4. This localhost joke of a doormat.

    5. This Photoshop photo frame.

    6. The TARDIS refrigerator


    It's colder on the inside.

    7. The Stormtrooper deck chair.

    8. And these Space Invaders living room chairs.

    9. The Captain's armchair.


    You won't have much time to sit in this chair because of all the hot action you're going to be getting, as the owner of it.

    10. The Snorlax beanbag


    Suddenly, a sweet-ass beanbag chair appears!

    11. This homemade Game of Thrones high chair

    12. Or this slightly more elaborate one.

    13. These Donkey Kong shelves.

    14. This Zelda treasure chest.


    I can literally hear that Zelda treasure-chest-opening song just by looking at this thing.

    15. These super cool Scrabble couches.

    16. This Nintendo controller table that actually WORKS.

    17. This AT-AT Imperial Walker loft bed.