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The 40 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

Real good year for cute things, you guys. I honestly think we will look back on 2012 as the year when cuteness finally hit the big time. Excellent work, everyone!

40. A goat wore some mega-stylish boots to help with her arthritis.

39. A dentist had the brilliant idea of bringing his golden retriever into the office to comfort his patients.

38. A corgi puppy ran in HD.

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It looked really great.

37. A seal waved hello.

36. A seal waved good-bye.

35. Hamlet the mini-pig went down the stairs.

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34. A brown bear woke up from hibernation...

...not totally ready to face the workday, but definitely getting there.

33. A dog became a lawyer.

32. Some people brushed a sleeping prairie dog. Always a good idea.

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31. A pygmy hippo named Prince Harry gave a lucky lady a kiss.

30. An attempt to put socks on a dog did not go well at all.

29. A deer was born, and she was immediately awesome.

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28. We all found out what a wet koala looks like.

27. A lot of pugs found gainful employment as Etsy models.

26. A really top-notch panda was born in San Diego.

25. An extremely courteous dog helped a girl get a drink of water from the fountain.

24. A baby duck chased a man.

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23. The coolest dog ever went for a walk.

22. A husky surprised another husky with a clandestine kiss. Like, really surprised.

21. Animals with stuffed animals of themselves was a thing again. And it was a very good thing indeed.

20. A kangaroo and a lemur played tag

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19. Echidnas came back in style in a big way.

18. Cats and babies finally found a few things they could agree on.

17. This happened.

16. Two kittens fell in love in a laundry basket.

15. Some 2-legit-2-quit baby otters were born...

...and proceeded to eye everything warily.

14. An orphaned baby elephant found a new family to love.

13. Dogs carrying smaller dogs in tiny baskets was a thing.

12. An overworked cat fell asleep on the job.

11. A mischievous sloth photobombed the hell out of some bros.

10. Dogs were shamed...

9. ...and redeemed.

8. Someone threw Ludwig the baby elephant a birthday party, and he LOVED it.

7. Thor Hedgehog. THOR HEDGEHOG.

6. A raccoon was overwhelmingly grateful for some treats. "For me?" asked the raccoon. "Yep, for you, buddy. No one else around here even eats raccoon food."

5. Marmot Boy was friends with marmots!

4. Someone surprised this baby red panda

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3. The most dramatic picture ever taken of a fugitive seal happened after a zoo escape.

2. A possum broke into a bakery and ate so many danishes that he couldn't leave.

1. And someone discovered a cat island.

A cat island is an island where cats make all the rules.

The rules are mostly just being awesome and having a great time.

Everybody loves their lives on the cat island. Cat islands are the best kinds of island.

The end.

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