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    9 Cognitive Biases You Didn't Know You Had

    Your dumb brain is playing some truly devious tricks on you. Learn to look out for some of these sneaky, tricksy cognitive biases and it might just change the way you see the world.

    1. Dunning-Kruger Effect: The less you know, the more confident you're likely to be.

    2. The Curse of Knowledge: Once you understand something, you assume it must be obvious to everyone.

    3. Sunk Cost Fallacy: Irrationally clinging to something just because it has already cost you something.

    4. Self-Serving Bias: You believe that you are responsible for your successes and that your failures are due to external factors.

    5. Framing Effect: You allow yourself to be unduly influenced by the manner in which something is explained to you.

    6. Confirmation Bias: You favor things that confirm your existing beliefs.

    7. The Availability Heuristic: Your judgments are influenced by what springs most easily to mind.

    8. The Barnum Effect: You see personal specifics in vague statements by filling in the gaps.

    9. The Spotlight Effect: You overestimate how much people notice how you look and act.

    Quite a few more fascinating biases (and a downloadable poster so you can hang your cognitive errors on your wall) at