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    16 Of The Sickest Burns In History

    Some of the cleverest – and most devastating – insults ever spoken.

    1. When Gandhi put literally the entire West on notice.

    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    2. When Truman blasted Nixon.

    MPI / Getty Images

    3. When Mae West put a gentleman in his place.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    4. When Lincoln destroyed an opponent.

    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    5. When Dorothy Parker had the last word on someone's book.

    Evening Standard / Getty Images

    6. When Fred Allen asked a simple question of a simple person.

    FPG / Getty Images

    7. When Christopher Hitchens gave Jerry Falwell an obituary.

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

    Hitchens was in fine form after Falwell's death, and it's well worth experiencing his remarks full.

    8. When Bob Dole eviscerated George HW Bush.

    David Ake / AFP / Getty Images

    9. When Paul Keating put John Hewson out of his misery.

    David Hancock / AFP / Getty Images

    10. When Mel Brooks explained things to the suits.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    The movie, David Lynch's Elephant Man, went on to be nominated for 8 Oscars.

    11. When Winston Churchill ruined Clement Attlee.

    Evening Standard / Getty Images

    12. When Clive James skewered Gerald Ford.

    Evening Standard / Getty Images

    13. When George Will took out Ronald Reagan.

    Christopher Ruppel / Getty Images

    14. When George Orwell ripped Stanley Baldwin a new one.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    15. When Beethoven offered to help a friend in need.

    Rischgitz / Getty Images

    16. And when Dorothy Parker put Margot Asquith on blast.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

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