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The 6 Best Things To Collect In 1986 (In The UK)

It has been scientifically proven that the best year to be a kid was 1986*. What did you collect?

*Totally made up

1. Obviously you were a member of the Weetabix Fan Club so you could get free badges featuring members of the dangerous Weetabix Gang.

If you were lucky, they'd send you a comic as well.

"Try this on a titchy breakfast" is one of the greatest recurring catchphrases ever uttered by a rounded wheat rectangle. Coming in a close second is "OK!"

You tell 'em, Crunch, Dunk, and Bixie!

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2. If you were sensible, you also collected football stickers for your Panini's football book.

Or maybe you just bought them so you could swap them at playtime instead of standing around like a loser with nothing to do.

A shiny badge is worth two normal stickers. That's the deal.

3. Hopefully, you had the Mexico '86 sticker book as well.

Maybe this would be the year England would win the World Cup! LOL.

4. If you had someone in your family who smoked, you could hang onto the cigarette packet cards as well.

Failing that, tea cards would do, at a pinch. They weren't really very useful for much, but they were nice to look at.

5. Much more useful were your Glo Bugs. I mean, they effing GLOWED, for God's sake.

Look at those badasses! What are you smiling at, Glo Spider? Do you know something we don't?

Why so bashful, Bashfulbug? Just relax and be yourself, girl.

Glo Worm knows what's up. That dude is always smiling. Maybe (frankly) a little bit too much.

Depending on how much your parents loved you, you could store them in a cupboard, OR you could store those bad boys in a Glo Turtle. That is what's called living the good life.

What up, Glo Grannybug? Get on with your bad self.

6. Or maybe Glo Bugs weren't your thing. Anyone for some Action Force?

Who the hell needs articulated limbs when you have your IMAGINATION?

OK, actually, articulated limbs would have been pretty nice. This is what that would have looked like on The Red Shadow.

Baron Ironblood.

Action Force SAS.

Oh, look. Definitive proof that Cobra Commander was originally Baron Ironblood. Talk about burying the lede.

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The end. What'd I miss? Add yours in the comments!