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    22 Signs People Have Been Socially Awkward Since The Middle Ages

    When you're socially awkward, those demons are real.

    1. When someone you don't know all that well tries to hug you.

    2. When your crush asks you an unexpected question and you have to respond.

    3. The horror of when you've said goodbye to someone and you realize you're going to walk in the same direction.

    4. When the idea of going to the bathroom at a stranger's house literally kills you.

    5. When you'd rather get completely lost than interact with a stranger by asking for directions.

    6. When you get so nervous socializing that you end up blurting out something really weird.

    7. When you're ready to leave a party but your ride is still having a good time.

    8. When you have to look interested for what seems like an endless amount of time when the waiter is reading out all the specials.

    9. When you let your friends persuade you to go out even though you know you're not going to have a good time.

    10. When you go to the party and immediately relate to your host's pets more than any of the guests.

    11. When you go to a party and spend the whole time following around the one friend you came with.

    12. Or when you go to a family reunion and spend the whole time following around your mom.

    13. And inevitably lose track of them and realize you're all alone with a bunch of strangers.

    14. When you forget your phone at home and have nothing to do on public transportation.

    15. When you feel bad that you didn't get an invite even though your friends rightfully knew you'd just make an excuse not to go.

    16. When you want to leave a party but someone refuses to let the conversation die.

    17. When you finally get it together to be social and you do something terminally embarrassing like having your fly undone the whole time.

    18. When the delivery guy knocks on your door and you're still wearing your "home" pants.

    19. When you agree to plans while you're feeling good and then totally regret it when the day comes.

    20. Or worse — when it looked like plans were going to be canceled for the night, but at the last second they came together.

    21. When someone can't get the hint that the reason you brought a book with you is that you didn't want to talk to anyone.

    22. And when you finally get some alone time in your own element to recharge your social batteries.