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21 Things That Cannot Be Unseen

Sometimes stuff looks exactly like other stuff and it's kind of disturbing! Let's examine this phenomenon in a little bit of depth. If you've seen some of these before, keep it a secret! Also, add yours if you know some good ones. Let's go down this rabbit hole together ...

  • 1. This sign is actually a well-endowed Superman.

  • 2. South America and Africa combine to form a T-Rex.

  • 3. Adidas is a sinking ship.

  • 4. Ducks are actually wearing dog masks.

    And here's why.

  • 5. The "N" in ESPN is Boba Fett.

  • 6. Facebook is trying to tell you something.

  • 7. Diglett's nose is a tooth.

  • 8. A coathook is actually a belligerent octopus.

  • 9. The Dodge Viper logo is Daffy Duck upside-down.

  • 10. The Chicago Bulls logo is an upside-down robot reading a book.

  • 11. The 2014 World Cup logo is a facepalm.

  • 12. Mario is wearing a Space Invader.

  • 13. There is a Triforce in the One Dollar Bill.

  • 14. The LG logo forms Pacman in two steps.

  • 15. Toad is flipping you off.

  • 16. The clouds and the bushes are the same.

  • 17. Luke and Darth are on Facebook. Everywhere.

  • 18. Taylor Lautner looks exactly like an alpaca.

  • 19. Bioshock 2 and Bomberman are the same.

  • 20. Pierce Brosnan has an oddly shaped face.

  • 21. Pi is pie.