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12 Extremely Disappointed Animals

Meet the utterly nonplussed, underwhelmed counterparts to the 10 animals making OMG faces. There's just no pleasing some folks.

  • 1. Disappointed Sea Otter :(

    This sea otter thinks you could probably have done a better job. (Via.)

  • 2. Disappointed Penguin

    Hang in there, Disappointed Penguin. Maybe they'll do a March of the Penguins 2? (Via.)

  • 3. Disappointed Horse

    This horse was just, I dunno, hoping for something different.

  • 4. Disappointed Monkey

    This monkey thinks your cooking is mediocre at best.

  • 5. Disappointed Otter

    This otter thinks you're just hilarious.

  • 6. Disappointed Hamster

    This hamster just finished watching Transformers 2.

  • 7. Disappointed Cow

    This cow thinks that if you maybe tried a little harder, things wouldn't always turn out like this.

  • 8. Disappointed Gorilla

    This gorilla doesn't dislike you - he was just expecting someone else.

  • 9. Disappointed Cats

    This cat can't even look you in the eye right now.

  • 10.

    Worst make-out session ever. (Via.)

  • 11. Disappointed Husky

    This husky thought today was going to be really fun. It was not. It was just like all the other days.

  • 12. Disappointed Pug

    Thanks for the lousy toy, asshole.