• DinarsforDinner

      Live from Hollywood: Unpaid internships make sure that the kids who get offered jobs come from rich families. This is from the person doing the choosing of the interns. The bosses don’t want regular kids with stars in their eyes, they want people with influence and money who know how to pick out a good tie for them at the last minute. Kids who will turn around in two years and use a gigantic loan from their parents to jump on as a producer to a company project. Unpaid internships are not about opportunity for the most promising. They’re about opportunity for the bosses to find a pipeline to more project money and personal influence. If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. My own bosses will hire someone as their assistant who was an unpaid intern because it’s better for them in the long run than someone they know they can trust, who has been busting ass in another administrative position for years because the intern has a dad you can google and read about in the WSJ, or, at least went to the same Ivy League school. That is why we’re all watching remakes and adaptations of pre-existing Intellectual Properties instead of new movies. Because “the movies” is all about “the money” instead of the movies.

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