Jodie Whittaker Was The Best Doctor And Here Are 17 Moments To Prove It

    "Take your hat off mate! Oh, on second thoughts, put it back on!"

    I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Jodie Whittaker would be the next Doctor!

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    My birthday party was the same day as the announcement, so my friends and I gathered around to watch the video on my phone. I was delighted to find out that the rumours were true, and the next Doctor would be a woman (cue an excited countdown to series 11).

    Jodie made history as the first woman to play The Doctor, and she’s done an amazing job in the role. Now the Thirteenth Doctor's regeneration is imminent, let's take a look at some of her best moments.

    1. Whenever she said "brilliant", which she 100% is.

    2. When she literally dropped in.

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    It was instantly iconic when the Doctor dramatically crashed through the roof of a train and brushed it off with, "oh yeah, long story". Thirteen didn't have the usual disorientation after a regeneration, she just dived straight into helping the first people she came across.

    3. When she made her own Sonic Screwdriver out of scrap and spoons.

    4. When she talked about her lost family.

    We've heard references to the Doctor's original family ever since the First Doctor, so it was nice to see Jodie's depiction of that grief. The way Thirteen holds on to her past is reflected in how she initially wears Twelve's tattered clothes. However, as soon as she picked out her new clothes, they instantly helped her solidify her new self, whilst still remaining the Doctor we know and love!

    5. Speaking of, remember when she unveiled her new snazzy outfit?

    6. When she reunited with the TARDIS.

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    The reveal of the new TARDIS interior is almost as exciting as the reveal of the new Doctor herself! You can really see the love for the trusty machine in the Doctor's eyes, and also how much it trusts her by letting her in without a key. Another thing – all vehicles should have a biscuit dispenser IMO.

    7. Whenever her Northern colours came out.

    Anywhere exciting? Sheffield, of course! #Resolution

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    The Thirteenth Doctor not only has a Northern accent, but many of her early adventures took place around Sheffield. In previous Earth-based Doctor Who episodes, the story was often set in London, so it's about time the North got a look-in! David Tennant was actually told to hide his natural Scottish accent whilst playing the Doctor, so I'm glad Jodie got to embrace her Northern roots!

    8. When she introduced us to asteroid 284996 Rosaparks.

    9. When she had a chat with a wacky little universe frog... because of course she did.

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    The introduction of a sentient universe in the form of a frog – which it took because it "pleased them" – was incredibly random, but fitting for Doctor Who. Despite the silliness, the Doctor managed to make a frankly bizarre conversation with a talking frog seem poignant and emotional.

    10. When she showed up in that suit.

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    This suit was honestly a moment of its own! I've always considered the bow tie to be one of the Doctor's greatest accessories, so I loved seeing one get an outing again – Eleven would be so proud! A special mention goes out to Sacha Dhawan's stellar performance as the Master.

    11. When she told off humanity in the most badass way.

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    Discovering that Orphan 55 was actually a dystopian future version of Earth was upsetting to put it lightly. The Doctor is usually patient with humanity, but her speech about how humans are too busy arguing "while the house burns down" felt very much like a disappointed teacher warning you not to mess up your future. It definitely reminded me to take better care of the environment – just imagine if she'd been at COP26!

    12. When she made a DIY lockdown video.

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    This mini-episode, recorded by Jodie Whittaker herself at home, was released in March 2020 to help viewers ease their anxiety about Covid-19. The cool part was how her advice applied to the real-life situation, but was framed as an in-universe adventure (I too would self-isolate to avoid an army of Sontarans). Also, I love the fact that Jodie just had the Doctor's outfit lying around at home!

    13. When she hinted at the Doctor's trauma.

    14. Every time she interacted with villains.

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    The Doctor's long-running enemies like the Daleks, Sontarans, and even fellow Time Lords pop up time and again to cause trouble. Jodie plays the Doctor's wariness of them perfectly every time. The relationship she has with them and the history behind each villain really comes through in her reactions. She's also great at witty banter – he'll always be Tim Shaw to us!

    15. When she became her own worst enemy.

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    This was one of the most gripping cliffhangers of any Doctor Who episode. The Doctor was tricked, betrayed, bamboozled, and CHANGED INTO A WEEPING ANGEL. I've always thought the Angels were the creepiest Who villain, so it was devastating to watch the Doctor become one. To add insult to injury, her companions were flung back in time... I'm getting Amy and Rory flashbacks!

    16. When she gave Joseph Williamson a "Paul Hollywood handshake".

    17. And finally, when she saved (and flirted with??) herself.

    If you want more Jodie, there are three special episodes on their way now that Season 13 is over, so we'll get to see a little more of her before the next Doctor arrives!

    Doctor Who airs on BBC One and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

    Are there any moments I missed? Let us know in the comments!