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    15 Foods Vegetarians And Vegans Often Think Are Fine To Eat (But Actually Aren't)

    I haven't eaten red meat in years, but some of these I still had to learn the hard way.

    People don’t eat meat for a variety of reasons, but if you’ve gone vegetarian or vegan because of animal cruelty, you’ll have to do more than just skip that Big Mac.

    The author ordering a vegetarian-friendly meal at a restaurant

    The reality is that animal-derived products are used to make A LOT of foods — including many that many well-meaning vegetarians and vegans eat regularly.

    And while I'm not trying to tell anyone how they *should* eat, I wanted to share these in case you're in the same boat as I am. Here are some foods that many vegetarians and vegans eat — that are technically *not* free of animal products.

    1. McDonald’s Fries

    Person putting fries into a McDonald's packet

    2. Parmesan Cheese

    Case of cheese

    3. Frosted Pop-Tarts

    Boxes of Pop-Tarts

    4. Frosted Mini-Wheats

    Aisle of cereal

    5. Refried Beans

    Cans of beans

    6. Premade Piecrust

    Premade piecrusts

    7. Flavored Yogurts

    Man holding containers of Yoplait Greek yogurt

    8. Twinkies

    Plate of Twinkies

    9. Wine

    Table with wine glasses

    10. Beer

    11. Protein Powder

    Serving of protein powder

    12. Bagels

    Pan of sesame bagels

    13. Original Altoids

    Tin can of spearmint Altoids

    14. White Sugar

    Spilled white sugar in a spoon

    15. Gummy Bears (and Pretty Much Gummy Everything)

    Close-up photo of gummy bears

    Did I miss any? Or do you have any favorite vegetarian-friendly substitutes for anything on the list? Share in the comments!