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    17 Tips And Things To Be Aware Of Before Starting A Remote Job (From Someone Who's Been WFH For 6 Years)

    Here's what I wish I'd known sooner — the good, the bad, and the completely unexpected.

    When I started working remotely in 2015, it opened up my entire world, allowing me to travel more, stress less, and find a better work-life balance (at least most days). But this lifestyle isn't for everyone. And, of course, every company's remote work policy is different.

    So before you sign that work contract, there are a few things you should know to ask. I also have some hard-earned WFH tips that you might find helpful too.

    1. During the interview process, get a feel for how the company defines remote work.

    2. If the company says working hours are flexible, you'll have a whole new level of freedom. But don't forget to clear your plans with your boss.

    3. Depending on your company's flexibility, you might be able to work from the car, the airport, and on the plane, allowing you to live your life without dipping into your PTO.

    4. But no matter how flexible your company is, keep in mind that you'll probably still need to schedule your day around calls and meetings.

    5. Ask if working from coffee shops, your friend's house, and your camper van is an option. Some companies require their employees to literally work from home every day.

    6. If you can work from anywhere (or close to anywhere), you may be able to make longer-term travel a reality.

    7. If you're hoping to work while traveling internationally, make sure to ask if that's an option.

    8. Make sure you're clear on the time frame of your remote position.

    9. Take a couple of weeks to feel out the company culture, but be over communicative when you start a new remote role.

    10. Your lunch break can be whatever you want it to be.

    11. Start a weekly ritual of meeting up with other remote workers for a "work date."

    12. Download work apps on your phone so you can check in on the go.

    13. Creating a separate work space in your home is matter how small.

    14. Buying a monitor, keyboard, and mouse is SO worth it. And if you can swing it, pick up a standing desk.

    15. Wearing your PJs all day might feel fun, but it's a horrible, dreadful idea.

    16. Get really good at setting boundaries for yourself, your neighbors, and any family or friends who live nearby.

    17. Because you're not commuting (or in some cases, even leaving the house), you'll be moving less. Use that free time to exercise, stretch, or do something to keep your body and mind happy.

    Do you have any great tips for remote work that I missed? Drop them into the comments below.