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    I've Taken Nearly 100 Flights In 5 Years — These Are The Tricks I Swear By To Make Air Travel As Easy As Possible

    When we can all fly safely again, these simple tricks will make your next trip as easy and low-stress as possible.

    Have you ever sat in an airport watching other travelers pass by? Some people make travel look easy, but the majority of travelers look frantic.

    Woman looks at departure screens with her suitcase

    You don't have to fly often to travel like a pro. Here are the tricks and habits that make flying a whole lot easier for me.

    1. One day before your flight, download the app of the airline you're flying so you can check-in and get your boarding pass.

    An iPhone screen with two airline apps circled.

    2. If you have to get a COVID-19 test for your flight, download whatever app the airline suggests, and upload your test results (and/or vaccination record).

    Screenshot of an American Airlines check-in email

    3. Pack light and pack smart (aka skip the bag-drop line).

    Woman at airport has her feet on her suitcase

    4. Put your clothing in a carry-on, but store everything you'll have to remove at security as a personal item (aka your purse, backpack, shoulder bag).

    Two people putting their items in bins for airport security

    5. If you're stressed about space in your carry-on suitcase, be strategic about what you wear to the airport.

    Man hands passport to gate agent at the airport

    6. And keep in mind that what you wear also effects how quickly you get through airport security.

    Man at airport getting patted down by airport secuirty

    7. Strategically pack your personal item, keeping items you'll need to remove in the security line accessible.

    Group of people going through airport security

    8. Take TSA's liquids rules seriously.

    Plastic bag of liquids

    9. Bring an empty water bottle that you can fill up once you get through security.

    Water fountain in an airport

    10. You might also want to pack a few snacks in case you don't have time to grab food before your flight.

    Backpack with a water bottle, nuts, and fruit

    11. Put together an airplane kit containing headphones, eye drops, extra face masks, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes.

    Random items to bring on an airplane

    12. If you need to sleep on the flight, also pack a few sleep essentials.

    Sleep items for the airplane

    13. If you have a carry-on suitcase and the flight is full, make sure you board as early as possible.

    People waiting in line to board the plane

    14. If it looks like overhead bins are already full, put your carry-on bag in the first available bin you pass located in front of your seat.

    Woman puts carry-on bag in the overhead bin

    15. If you have a tight connection, look up your landing gate and connection gate in the airline app. While you're at it, inform the flight attendant that you have a tight connection.

    Screenshot of connecting flight information

    16. Pick your carry-on suitcase and personal item wisely.

    Image of a person's feet with a rolly carry-on suitcase

    Do you have any great tips for flying that I either missed? Tell us in the comments below!

    Disclaimer: This article was written to provide travel recommendations or suggestions; however, it’s important to keep in mind your own health, community health, and exposure risk.