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    I've Been Freelancing For 4 Years And Here Are 19 Things I Think Every Freelancer Should Know

    In my experience, finding a freelance gig is easier than finding a traditional, full-time job. There is less pressure on both you and the company because either of you can decide to opt out at any time.

    After losing my job in 2018, I went freelance. And it took me about three seconds to get addicted to the freedom it afforded me.

    And while the freedom is great, freelancing can be tricky to navigate — especially at first. Below is what I've learned over the last four years and what Toni Frana, Career Services Manager at FlexJobs, a flexible and remote job search site, recommends:

    1. But first off, what exactly is freelancing?

    Woman working from home on her laptop

    2. Before you start looking for jobs, consider what industries tend to hire a lot of freelancers.

    Man working on his laptop on the stairs

    3. And what job titles are often freelance.

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    4. Then, set your rate — but not before you do your homework.

    5. Don't forget that as a freelancer your rate will have to cover any time you spend doing administrative things and any added expenses you have.

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    6. Create a website so clients can review your work and see your qualifications.

    Woman working on her website from her home computer

    7. And then...look for your first client.

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    8. Once you've found your first gig, keep an eye out for a second, and a third, and a fourth.

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    9. Keep the clients you like happy and don't be afraid to say goodbye to gigs you don't love. That freedom of choice is what makes freelancing great.

    10. Make sure you sign a contract for every project you take on.

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    11. You'll need a system for keeping track of what you're owed and when you should be paid.

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    12. And a system for keeping track of the work you've committed to and what your deadlines are.

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    13. One of the hardest parts about being a freelancer is figuring out how to structure your day.

    14. You'll need to schedule focused work time for each project or client.

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    15. Set a reminder to ask your clients for pay increases regularly.

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    16. Keep track of your income and expenses so you have an idea of how profitable your business is.

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    17. Taxes. Taxes are tough when you're a freelancer. You'll pay different taxes than a regular employee and will have to stay on top of things throughout the year.

    Person using a calculator to look at their income for taxes

    18. Be careful not to take on too much work.

    19. Once you've committed to freelancing, consider setting up an LLC.

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    Are you a freelancer? Have any secrets to share?