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    12 Companies That Only Require You To Work 4 Days A Week (Plus They Hire Remote Workers)

    Imagine it: three-day weekends for the rest of eternity. 🤤

    If you're feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed, you're not alone. It's been a wild couple years.

    In response, some companies are rethinking the standard five-day workweek — testing out, and in some cases, fully embracing, a four-day workweek.

    These 12 companies, which also happen to hire remote workers, are leading the charge:

    1. Basecamp

    Woman working from home on a work call

    2. Bolt

    Woman working from her patio

    3. Buffer

    4. DNSFilter

    Man looking at screen while on a work call

    5. G2i

    Woman drinking coffee on her computer at home

    6. GooseChase

    7. Kickstarter

    Man on his computer at the kitchen table

    8. Nectafy

    Woman on her computer at home

    9. Panasonic

    10. Praytell

    Woman working at a standing desk at home

    11. thredUP

    12. Uncharted

    What do you think about the four-day workweek trend? Sound off in the comments!

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