15 Cities Everyone Moved To During The Pandemic — And Which Ones They Vacated

    Sunny Florida was a big hit. ☀️

    There's a reason it seemed like everyone was leaving New York City, LA, and San Francisco during 2020 — they were.

    Turns out most people relocated to (and bought homes in) these 15 US cities:

    1. Riverside, California

    Town at the base of the foothills

    2. Lakeland, Florida

    3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

    Beautiful beach and pier

    4. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Woman takes photo in deserty surroundings

    5. Tampa, Florida

    City skyline on the water

    6. Port St. Lucie, Florida

    7. Jacksonville, Florida

    Aerial view of the city of Jacksonville and the river

    8. San Antonio, Texas

    The River Walk in San Antonio

    9. Deltona, Florida

    10. Dallas, Texas

    View over the city of Dallas

    11. Stockton, California

    12. Cape Coral, Florida

    Waterways of Cape Coral

    13. Phoenix, Arizona

    Camelback Mountain in Phoenix

    14. Sarasota, Florida

    Beautiful white sand beach on the ocean

    15. Greeley, Colorado

    Have you moved cities since the pandemic began? Share your journey in the comments!

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