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    17 Suburbs Near Major US Cities That Have Slightly More Affordable Houses

    See ya later, NYC.

    City life is great, but sky-high rent prices make it hard to imagine ever being able to buy your home. pulled a list of city suburbs with the lowest median home price per square foot. They may not be the city you love, but they’re close to the city you love — and they offer better value.


    According to, you can save an average of 29% per square foot just by considering the suburbs of some of the biggest cities in the US. In addition to being more affordable, you'll have the space to fashion yourself a home office, a reading nook, or workout room (read: a TikTok dance studio).

    FYI, these suburbs and their median home prices were determined based on single-family homes that are 1,800 square feet or larger and located within 25 miles of the nation's largest cities (unless otherwise noted).

    1. Marietta, Georgia (close to Atlanta)

    2. Palos Hills, Illinois (outside Chicago)

    Sunny home with a lush green lawn

    Palos Hills has quite an urban feel and is popular among younger people starting their careers, thanks to its proximity to Chicago (just a 30-minute drive!!!). Directly to the west of the city is open space that includes nature preserves, parks, trails, and woods. How's that for the perfect mix of city and country?

    Median listing price: $379,000

    Savings per square foot: 24% (Suburb: $139 / Urban: $184)

    3. Ashton-Sandy Spring, Maryland (near Washington DC)

    4. Fullerton, California (close to Los Angeles)

    Large home with covered patio surrounded by trees

    Southeast of LA, near the Chino Hills State Park is the town of Fullerton. Homes here aren't cheap, but the city is less than 45 minutes away on the Pacific Surfliner (a coastal train service). And, Fullerton has plenty of parks, museums, and colleges that provide a close-knit community feel that isn't always easy to find in a city the size of LA.

    Median listing price: $1,155,000

    Savings per square foot: 27% (Suburb: $418 / Urban: $570)

    5. Santa Clarita, California (also near Los Angeles)

    Tan adobe home

    Santa Clarita may be best known for its Six Flags Magic Mountain (home of the tallest coaster in the world), but the city is also a hub for the arts — you'll want to catch a show at the Canyon Theatre Guild and The MAIN. It even has over 100 miles of biking and hiking trails. The city is actually 33 miles from LA — 13 miles further than Fullerton — but the commute is still bearable! It's a 50-minute ride on the Metrolink, or a 45-minute drive to the City of Angels.

    Median listing price: $624,000

    Savings per square foot: 39% (Suburb: $347 / Urban: $570)

    6. Hanover, Massachusetts (outside Boston)

    7. Gig Harbor, Washington (near Seattle and Tacoma)

    8. Surprise, Arizona (close to Phoenix)

    9. Burnsville, Minnesota (just outside Minneapolis)

    Two story home with a big tree and lawn in front

    Burnsville has its own ski mountain(!!) and the lakeside Fort Snelling State Park, with plenty of year-round hiking, biking, and cross-country ski trails. All that space and access to nature is just a 26-minute bus ride from Minneapolis and a 14-minute drive from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

    Median listing price: $349,900

    Savings per square foot: 19% (Suburb: $141 / Urban: $175)

    10. Clark, New Jersey (near New York City)

    11. Harrison, New Jersey (also near New York City)

    12. Cedar Hill, Texas (close to Dallas)

    Aerial view of single-family detached homes in Cedar Hill
    Trongnguyen / Getty Images

    Cedar Hill is just over 20 minutes from Dallas by car and has a whopping 11 shopping centers and a historic Downtown full of locally owned boutiques — so get ready for Gossip Girl-esque spending sprees. And if shopping isn't your thing, Cedar Hill also has a bird, butterfly, and mammal preserve and its own state park.

    Median listing price: $352,000

    Savings per square foot: 23% (Suburb: $124 / Urban: $161)

    13. Clinton Township, Michigan (outside Detroit)

    Brick house with garage on a manicured lawn

    Clinton Township is a 35-minute drive from Detroit (one hour by bus) and sits near Lake St. Clair. For those looking for nature, the 30-acre George George Memorial Park has walking trails and picnic spaces, while thrill seekers should head to C.J. Barrymore's, an amusement park with a drop tower and something called a saddle sling (which looks terrifying).

    Median listing price: $329,500

    Savings per square foot: 11% (Suburb: $135 / Urban: $151)

    14. Hayward, California (near San Francisco)

    Tree in front of a single-level home in California

    Hayward sits on the east of San Francisco Bay, just south of Oakland and SF. The city has water to the west and open space to the east. Plus, it's an easy 30-minute drive to San Fran (and less than an hour via BART). Home prices are steep, but they beat the rates found in San Francisco by a whopping 35%.

    Median listing price: $1,258,500

    Savings per square foot: 35% (Suburb: $406 / Urban: $624)

    15. Pine Island Ridge, Florida (near Miami and Fort Lauderdale)

    16. Sickerville, New Jersey (near Philadelphia)

    17. Jersey Village, Texas (outside Houston)

    If this sounds like music to your ears (and bank account), check out more of our personal finance posts.

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