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13 Ways The New "Civil Wars" Music Video Will Break Your Heart

The Civil Wars released the music video for their new single, "I Wish You Were the One That Got Away." The video is rich and dark, full of melancholy and distance.

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1.The whole video is in black and white.

2. They are often not in the same shot

3. And often look sad when they are alone.

4. When they are standing next to each other, Joy moves away from John Paul.

5. John Paul doesn't seem to want to be there.

6. And Joy is left alone, wondering where he is.

7. The video often places them on different levels,

8. Or out of focus.

9. Joy literally closes her eyes when they are singing together.

10. And even when they are looking at each other, they aren't looking at each other.

11. They are literally shrouded in darkness.

12. Even on a sunny day, they do not look at each other.

13. But really, it's these looks that say it all.

Hearts. Broken.

Check out the whole video here.

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